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Raise The Roof is a free iPhone app with one simple goal in mind: to get you to dance with your iPhone and have a little fun. The app gives meaning to that infamous dance move “raise the roof.” Using the app, you will be dancing "raise the roof" and literally be raising the roofs of famous landmarks at the same time.

To play, just turn up the volume, hold the iPhone in the palm of your hand facing up towards the ceiling, put both your hands up in the air, pump your arms up and down, and make like you're raising the roof (or doing tricep dips).

Each time the "roof" of the landmark rises, the phone will vibrate. The app uses the iPhone's accelerometer to detect when you have put in enough roof raising juju. When the roof reaches the top, the music will change to let you know that you can stop... or don't stop and keep going, it's all good.

The next time someone tells you to raise the roof at a party, you can laugh at the people in the crowd pumping their arms aimlessly in the air, and show off your roof raising prowess. Then, for an even better party time, challenge whoever yelled out "raise the roof!" to play the app to see who can raise the roof the fastest.

*** Make sure you're holding onto your iPhone properly when you're raising the roof, we're not responsible for overly enthusiastic roof raisings resulting in flying iPhones.

Raise The Roof Raise the Roof iTunes link Raise The Roof

Seriously. Check it.

Do this!

NOT this.

This isn't about going crazy pumping your arms up and down, although you are certainly welcome to go crazy pumping your arms up and down. There are three levels of difficuly. At the easy level, even a one-year-old should have no problems raising the roof. At the hardest level, you'll have to groove a little. For best results, go with the flow and just dance, don't be afraid to have fun and put a little booty into it.

Raise The Roof Raise the Roof iTunes link Raise The Roof

Well, um, kind of, yeah. Yes, yes, this is arguably a silly iPhone app. But wait, there are apps out there that will teach you to dance, show you videos and instructions, but they're boring. With Raise the Roof, you can actually dance with it and it will give you positive feedback on your roof raising techniques. So don't be afraid to look silly and just have fun. It's good4u to have some silly laughs!

We'd love it if you'd send us email asking us questions or telling us what you think. If you like the Raise the Roof app, it would totally encourage us to add more roofs and even make more silly fun apps. Plus it'd make our spam-filled inboxes all warm and fuzzy to get a real, live, personal email from you. We will be waiting and listening for your email at holler@good4uproductions.com.

Oh! Oh! Send us videos of you raising the roof so we can fill this sad, empty space down below.

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